The main characteristic of a Kosen is its 5 years of consistent engineering education starting when the students are 15 years old. With the addition of the 2-year advanced course, 7 years of consistent education is conducted. This is the first of its kind in the world. Tokyo Kosen believes the best way to learn engineering is hands-on education effectively linked with classroom education. Laboratories are an important part of the education, and are used from the 1st year of regular course to the 2nd year of advanced course. Furthermore, special emphasis is placed on internship, graduation research, and special research. Advanced course students can also participate in the international internship in overseas companies and universities. Fifth-year students of the regular course do 1 year of graduation research, and the advanced course students do special research during their 2 years, in which all students are required to complete a thesis. Through internship and research, students face real world problems and acquire valuable engineering knowledge and skills. Tokyo Kosen encourages students to participate in domestic and international competitions such as the robot contest, programming contest,and the Microsoft Imagine Cup.


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