Department of Electronic Engineering

About the Department of Electronic Engineering

The Department of Electronic Engineering aims to train electronics engineers who will enhance the world in the 21st century. To master electronics technology, our curriculum offers well-balanced subjects from the basics to advanced in the core technologies, such as electronic materials, semiconductor integrated circuits, analog and digital electronic circuits, measurement, communication, information, automatic control, and computers.


The department also emphasizes the development of basic academic skills, practical application skills, and problem-solving skills necessary to become an engineer with interests in advanced technology. That is why we constantly review the contents and methods of lectures and experiments in line with social trends, and include opportunities for social experience through factory visits, factory training, study tours, and research trips.


In the graduation research, each instructor is assigned with a small group of students for detailed support. Through graduation research, students will experience the methods of research and the ability to summarize issues with rich creativity, nurturing engineers who can stand on their own as members of society.